Dental Team

Dr. James Leem

General Dentist

  • BDSC (Melbourne)

Dr. James Leem is a general dentist who graduated from Melbourne Dental School. He has obtained diverse experiences from both private and public hospitals during his time at the university and also after he graduated. 

He continually strives to improve his patients’ oral health and quality of life by providing excellent dental care and relevant and easy-to-understand professional advices. He is also committed to continuing professional development through various postgraduate courses and endeavours to ensure that all his patients benefit from the most up-to-date techniques and procedures in dentistry. 

James is proficient in all areas of general dentistry, but in particular enjoys providing beautiful smiles through aesthetic fillings, veneers and crown and bridge work. He is also undergoing further training in oral surgery and orthodontics through mentorship and CPD courses to be able to benefit his patients with these services in the near future.

James has also studied Master of Social Work at the University of Michigan before he pursued dentistry and has worked as a social worker in Chicago for several years. Therefore he sees his clients not only as patients, but also as people from various walks of life with different situations and needs. He is very open-minded and loves to meet and interact with new people.