Dental Team

Dr Yang Terh Yiau

Dental Surgeon


Dr Yang Terh Yiau , George graduated from Faculty of dentistry of the National University of Singapore with a bachelors of dental surgery BDS in 2004. He then went on to obtain his fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons by examination in 2009 .

He has had 13 years of experience in both the public and private sectors in Singapore and was headhunted , by invitation to join FDC to practice as a senior dentist, where he practices a wide scope of dentistry. He was previously practising in one of the largest dental groups in Singapore.

Dr Yang is an attentive listener and tries his best to accomodate all of his patients’ dental needs and requests. As such , he has built up a pool of loyal patients over the years who continue to visit him from all corners of Singapore. Dr Yang treats a wide spectrum of patients from the heartlander to PMETs to military officers including former brigadier generals , colonels , lieutenant colonels , and WOSES all of whom he communicates and treats with ease.

Apart from keeping himself updated on the latest developments in the dental Industry through talks,

Dr Yang also has the special privilege of serving as a commissioned dental officer in the SAF providing medical support alongside medical officers in a wide spectrum of SAF operations through the ROVERS scheme upon recommendation by his unit commanding officer and approval by his brigade commander.

Dr Yang is a strong proponent of National service and continues to render his services to SAF despite having completed his mandatory NS cycle of 7 high key ICTs and 3 low key ICTs.

Out of work , Dr Yang is married to his wife and has a lovely daughter who also appreciates good hawker food and travel like him.