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Braces in Singapore: Time to Perfect Your Smile

There are many different braces available and we namely work with metal and ceramic braces at FDC, with the latter being less visible. These braces are bonded onto your teeth in precise positions then the engagement of the wire in the bracket is the stimulus to move your teeth.

This is not a painful procedure at all. However, in the initial days, it can be a bit aching or rub into your cheeks and lips and for this, we provide you with wax to roll up & cover the bracket that’s rubbing in.


Oral Hygiene

You will be given an orthodontic pack at your first visit. You need to divide your teeth & gums into 3 zones. Brush with small circular motions at the gum level, then the brace & finally the biting edges of your teeth. An interdental brush is used to clean underneath the wire and in between the teeth. A fluoride mouthwash is also good to use at a different time to brushing your teeth.

Care of Braces

During the time the braces are on, you must avoid hard, chewy foods such as sweets, crusty bread, pizza crust, cereal bars and spare ribs. You must also not chew end of pens or bite your fingernails. If you are not careful, then you can have frequent breakages which would slow your treatment down.

Removing of Braces

Once your teeth are fully straightened, we remove the bracket gently with a special orthodontic instrument. Your teeth are then cleaned and polished by our hygienist, leaving your teeth looking and feeling lovely and smooth with an amazing smile.


On the day the braces are removed, we provide you with retainers which are clear and discrete. This is simply fitted over your teeth and it should be a snug fit. Retainers are removed and cleaned with liquid hand soap and cold water each time you brush your teeth clean. They are worn fulltime for the first 3 to 6 months and gradually you cut down to night time wear only. However, you must never eat or drink with the retainers on.

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