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Clear Aligners: Secretly Straighten Your Teeth

Aligners have been in the market for quite some time. They are now many brands in the market. So what are the advantages of wearing aligners as compared to wearing traditional braces:

  1. Approximating the treatment duration a little more precisely than braces and there is an option of viewing the virtual simulation of the teeth movement.
  2. Avoiding extractions of premolars by creating interdental space via interproximal reduction
  3. Less frequent trips to the dental chair by allowing the patients to replace their aligners on their own every few weeks
  4. Healthier periodontal tissue and less risk of enamel decalcification by avoiding brackets
  5. Esthetics: Clear aligners are often not visible, allowing patients to smile with greater confidence
  6. Patients can eat whatever they want during treatment as they can remove the aligners when eating unlike braces where they will be risk of brackets dislodging.
  7. You can straighten and whiten the teeth at the same time by using the aligners as whitening tray.

However not all cases can be done with aligners and this depends on the condition and severity of the crowding. At times you may require to combine both the aligner with traditional braces as part of treatment plan. Patients need to be compliant in wearing the aligners according to the stipulated duration. Do note that since the aligners allow rapid movement of the teeth, it is important that you use the retainer religiously upon completion of the treatment to prevent relapse.

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