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Dental Implant Singapore

Doc, I have a missing tooth. Do I need to replace the missing tooth with dental implant? Is dental implant painful? How long does dental implant lasts? These are the questions which patients ask us every month.

What is a dental implant? A dental implant (aka tooth implant) is piece of titanium that is inserted onto the bone and a crown is either cemented or screwed onto the dental implant. The dental implant and the crown together mimics a tooth.

The whole process to replace missing tooth with dental implant takes about 4 to 9 months depending on the availability of bone. If a patient has sufficient bone thickness and height, the whole process takes 3 to 4 months to complete as it takes about 3 to 4 months for the patient's bone and titanium to fuse together.

If a patient has reduced bone thickness and height, either artificial bone made of minerals or patient's own bone from somewhere is placed onto the inserted implant to encourage bone growth and bone fusion between the titanium and the patient's existing bone. This will usually take 6 to 9 months.

The process of placing implant is very comfortable and is mostly done under Local Anesthesia. You can also opt to do under General Anesthesia.

Implant supported replacement teeth most closely resemble natural teeth in terms of look, feel and function such as speech and chewing. They will not move during function, unlike conventional dentures. This will lead to improved speech and self-esteem. You can eat and chew better too. When missing tooth or teeth are not replaced, your jaw bone shrinks due to bone loss. This will affect your facial contour and appearance. Dental implant therapy minimizes bone loss and helps to prevent this process. Furthermore, this procedure does not involve grinding of adjacent healthy teeth. Thus your adjacent healthy teeth are preserved.

In FDC clinics, we have 2 brand of implants: Straumann (Swiss made implant) and Osstem (Korean made implant).

Do enquire or send us a photo to see your suitability for implants.

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