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FDC Gives Back to Society @ St Hilda

FDC CSR 2016@St Hilda

St Hilda's Community Services

14 December 2016

14 Dec 2016 was not an ordinary day for staff and clinicians of FDC Dental Group; that particular Wednesday was different.

The day started with all of our staff and clinicians meeting St Hilda’s Community Services. Our staff and clinicians had chosen to give back to the community, and they collectively chose to help out the elderly from the community services centre, along with professional physiotherapists from Mount Alvernia Hospital.

They engaged the elderly beneficiaries through a St Hilda’s Bowling "mini-competition", which comprised of 31 players from the community services centre and 13 FDC staffs.

Our staff and clinicians had the opportunity to talk and socialize with all the elderly clients, they found them very polite and friendly.

Volunteers from FDC Dental Group felt very satisfied and happy as they were able to bring smiles to the faces of beneficiaries they interacted with.

This session had enabled our staff to engage better with senior citizens, which they could apply at work when communicating or interacting with older patients. Some of our staff and clinicians had expressed their intent to be involve in the regular volunteering sessions by St. Hilda's Community Services Centre in the future.

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