Mission & Vision

Our Mission

It is the mission of our dental group to strive for, attain and deliver the highest level of dental care for our patients.

•FDC will treat every patient in a caring, concerned, empathetic, understanding, honest and professional manner.

•FDC will maintain the highest ethical, personal and professional standards possible.

•FDC will strive daily for professional dental excellence through our caring, sincere and professional treatment for each of our patients.

•FDC will be measured both personally and professionally through our belief and dedication towards providing each and every one of our patients with the best dental care possible.

•FDC will dedicate ourselves towards fostering a friendly, positive, professional, supportive, educational, stimulating and family oriented dental office environment.


Our Vision

As a leading Dental Group in Singapore that staunchly believes in the continuous improvement of the provision of dental services, FDC will improve our dental service outcomes and increase dental healthcare value. FDC will accomplish this through:

•Commitment and expertise of our people;

•Excellence of our products and services; and,

•Independence and integrity in our evaluation and decision-making


Our Values

Our values guide us as FDC strive to meet our mission and achieve our vision and FDC are committed to Quality, Integrity and Excellence in everything FDC do.

•People First: FDC is committed to creating a productive and challenging work environment that celebrates employee involvement, skills development and teamwork.

•Customer-Focused Excellence: FDC is committed to provide value-added products, services and support that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

•Continuous Improvement: FDC is committed to continuously improve organizational performance and the processes through which FDC deliver our products and services.

•Technology Optimization: FDC is committed to the integration of technology into our work to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

•Public Responsibility: FDC is committed to honesty, accountability and responsibility in all aspects of our work and to serving the public through volunteerism and community service.


Our Goals

To promote a safe environment for patients and staff to facilitate a culture of quality throughout all organizations in the group. To provide a systematic approach to performance improvement activities. To promote high quality, cost effective services through the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines.

Promote effective communication. Foster staff learning processes. Improve employee relations and promote employee satisfaction. Ensure all legal and other regulatory requirements are included in performance measures. Establish priorities for performance improvement activities.

FDC Dental Group

FDC Dental Group comprises 23 dental clinics, with a history spanning more than 15 years. FDC has a team of over 30 experienced clinicians,  successfully delivering high quality treatments at affordable prices.  Implementation of standard clinical protocols and operating procedures in all FDC clinics ensures that patients are assured of quality customer service and patient care experience.  Our emphasis on excellent customer service sets FDC apart from its competition and leads to many referrals from our satisfied patients.

As the saying goes, “a smile speaks a thousand words”. At FDC, we ensure that all of our patients leave our clinics with a million-watt smile.

FDC clinics offer a wide selection of dental treatments under one roof. We have the expertise to perform treatments ranging from restorative to cosmetic dentistry.  Our international team of clinicians that hail from Singapore, Europe and USA among others; are carefully selected based on their outstanding clinical skills, contribution to their dental field and their ability to generate a friendly and relaxing environment for their patients. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach through giving patients access to general dentists and specialists, all under one roof.

Our dental experts ensure that patients are provided with the best treatments and obtain the maximum benefit, whilst applying the highest standards to ensure hygiene and patient safety is never compromised.


FDC Quality Management System

FDC have achieved a multi-site ISO 9001:2015 certification. ISO 9001 sets out specific requirements for organizations to meet, in order to manage quality and customer needs effectively.

FDC’s quality management system is based on a factual approach to quality improvement through consistent monitoring, management, measurement and reporting. FDC have embraced transparency in quality in line with the trend in the global health industry, where providers increasingly use process and outcome data to review and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Common systems are entrenched across the clinics, and have resulted in management and leadership being empowered, as well as teams at all organizational levels, to measure their performance against individual goals of the clinics and against other competitors.


FDC Quality

Quality, health and safety forms part of everything we do at FDC. All our employees play an integral role in creating and developing the quality culture in our clinics and contribute to the sustainability of our quality management system. Enhancing the customer experience and the working environment for all Life Healthcare employees supports our purpose of making life better.

It is important for our employees to understand the health and safety issues which could affect our patients and protect them from potential harm or injury. FDC’s safety and awareness training provides employees with the necessary insight into how FDC manage risks, health and safety, and the environment – underscoring our approach to quality care.


FDC Quality Policy

FDC subscribe to the view that quality is the outcome of all activities that take place within the organization. Total Quality Management (TQM), a discipline and philosophy of management which institutionalizes planned and continuous improvement is instituted in our group. FDC also place emphasis on the focus of improvements being on systems and processes rather than on the individual; also that all function and employees have to participate in the improvement process.


 Achieved a multi-site ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Accredited with Pioneer Generation (PG).

Recognized by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council for being a Dental Centre (Glittz Smile Dental Surgery by FDC) that has capability for high levels of health and safety standards.


Accredited with Medisave.

Supports Fair and Progressive Employment Practices.


 Baby Bonus Approved Institution.

Accredited with Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS).


Accredited with The American Academy of General Dentistry Group.