Braces in Singapore

Overcrowding or wide spaces in between teeth can give you an unsightly smile and cause difficulty brushing teeth, often leading to swollen, bleeding gums and even decay.
At FDC Clinics, our braces specialists will be able to provide you with the right treatment to give you that million-watt smile. We offer patients of all ages in Singapore the choice of metal and ceramic braces as well as Invisalign to correct your teeth and bite, providing you with that beautiful smile. 

We also offer student prices for full/part-time students in Singapore.

Braces for all Needs

We offer the following types of orthodontic treatments:

Metal Braces
  • Commonly Used
  • Most affordable
  • Colourful rubber bands
Ceramic Braces
  • Tooth-coloured / clear brackets
  • Less noticeable
Clear Aligners
  • Almost invisible
  • Removable when eating / brushing & flossing
  • Comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • Digitally customised treatment plan


FDC braces specialist will be able to advise which treatment is best for you. Here are some teeth conditions that are suitable for orthodontic treatment:


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Pre Treatment

There are potential risks associated with orthodontic treatment which include:

  • Enamel decalcification
  • Periodontal disease
  • Root resorption
  • Loss of tooth vitality
  • Relapse after treatment
  • Change in occlusion

The success of orthodontic treatment depends on:

  • Keeping all appointments as scheduled
  • Following all instructions on the care and usage of orthodontic appliances
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene
Post Treatment FAQ

How long must I wear braces?

Usually a period of 1-2.5 years, but may vary by case. It is essential that appointments are always kept. Retainers are fitted to hold teeth in their new positions after the brace is removed, and if these are not worn, your teeth may slip back.

Is receiving orthodontic treatment painful?

Your teeth may be a little tender for the first few days, but this will soon disappear as you grow accustomed to your braces. Taking a mild painkiller may help.

How should I care for my brace / teeth?

Use a small head orthodontic toothbrush to brush your teeth thoroughly, and use mouthwash at night. It is vital to maintain good oral hygiene as teeth may discolour or decay and gum disease may develop. Regular 6 monthly cleaning is required during treatment.

What food or drinks should i avoid?

Avoid chewy or hard food — like chewing gum, apples, carrots or crusty bread — as these may break and bend the wires, and also result in the dislodging of the brackets. Sweets, mints and sugary or fizzy drinks may also dissolve the enamel.


What do I do if my braces or wires break or brackets become dislodged?

If something becomes loose or broken, please call the clinic immediately for an appointment. Do not wait until your next appointment. Broken wire or braces can cause teeth to move in the wrong direction and unnecessarily prolong treatment time.