Why Join FDC ?

1. We invest in our staff to help them develop and achieve their professional goals.

2. We enforce Fair Employment Practices to provide a positive and harmonious work environment.

3. We care about the Health and Safety of our staff and clinicians, and continually take steps to improve safety at the workplace.

4. We provide Training and Mentorship for all staff and clinicians, conducted internally by our training academy as well as external training providers.

5. We provide Career Progression for staff, as well as opportunities to further their studies with us.

"A dental practice is only as strong as its people are, and I hope FDC will realise the great team they have. The chemistry demonstrated between staff has impacted me greatly. Their teamwork and support of one another has not only made work manageable, but created many fond memories of my own. I believe the teamwork displayed in FDC is a great role model to any organisation"

- Ms Millie Thng (Taman Jurong Dental Centre by FDC)

Fair Employment

To apply for any full-time / part-time job position and internship, please email your CV to careers@fdc.com.sg