Impacted/ partially erupted lower wisdom teeth (third molars) may sometime result in tooth pain due to food impaction or gum inflammation in that region as a result of the malposition wisdom teeth. 

You need a minor surgery to have the wisdom tooth removed. With our relaxing environment at FDC, coupled with the competency of our FDC Clinicians; you can be rest assured that you will feel comfortable during and after the wisdom tooth surgery. Our Customer Service Staff will also follow up with you the day after the surgery for personalised after care services.

You can also choose to do the surgery under sedation for an anxiety-free wisdom tooth removal.  



Prevent gum disease or decay in wisdom tooth

Prevent crowding of your back teeth

Prevent tooth stuck in jaw & showing no signs of breaking through the gums


Your wisdom tooth will need extraction in order to correct problems or also prevent problems that may arise in the future. You may face a number of problems with the wisdom teeth: 

Your jaw may be too small to accommodate wisdom teeth and therefore they will not be able to break through your gums.

There are chances of your wisdom teeth breaking partway through your gums, thereby leading to flap of gum tissue growing over them. Thus, food and germs may get trapped under the flap, leading to swollen and painful gums, causing an infection.

Other problems arising from impacted teeth include cyst, damages to your teeth and bone, and infection.

Your wisdom tooth may grow at an awkward angle, with the top of the tooth facing backward or forward.

Type or Option

Local Anaesthesia

Treatment done with you in a conscious state


Treatment done using Intravenous Sedation

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The risks associated with extractions include:

  • Difficult extractions may need minor surgical procedures to complete the extraction
  • Fracture of the crown or root Damage to soft tissue in the head and neck region
  • Displacement of tooth or tooth root/fragment
  • Oro-antral communication
  • Damage to inferior dental nerve or its branches or lingual nerve
  • Aspiration or ingestion of tooth or tooth fragment
  • Fainting, respiratory or cardiac arrest
  • Restricted mouth opening
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Post operative pain
  • Post operative swelling